WIT Committees

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for increasing the presence of WIT via social media and other communications platforms to promote WIT and WIT-related events and information. The committee maintains the WIT website.

Events Committee

The Events Committee is responsible for monthly engagement opportunities (coffee hours, happy hours) as well as larger events such as panels or mini-conference events.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for creating and maintaining a budget and seeking additional funding sources.

Mentorship Committee

The Mentorship Committee is responsible for guiding two mentorship cohorts per year, one in Fall and one in Spring; providing resources and guidance for mentor relationships, including an event “Anyone can be a Mentor” to help teach people how a mentorship relationship can work.

Partnerships & Collaboration Committee

The Partnerships & Collaboration Committee is responsible for identifying and creating relationships with other entities inside and outside the University who can help us achieve our mission of supporting and advancing people who identify as women in information technology.