COVID-19 has brought the struggles of our neighbors and community members to front-page news. While you are isolating at home, juggling distance learning and family life, and continuing to pull through these struggling times - we personally hope the best for you and your families. Despite the many difficulties that have presented themselves - the sudden shift to remote and online life has created many opportunities for people to bridge the gap into technology. We hope that the list of resources below helps you or someone you know.

Please note that there is no apparent relationship between WIT and organizations below. It is just a pool of resources we have found being used in our communities or have used ourselves. If you are offering a service or know someone that is, please let us know to add to the list.

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Articles and Podcasts

  • Women in Tech: A Complete Guide
    Produced by TechGuide
  • Greater Than Code podcast invites the voices of people who are not heard from enough in tech: women, people of color, trans and/or queer folks, to talk about the human side of software development and technology.

Internet/Computer Access

IT Training and Online Learning

Starting IT Career Free to Low-Cost Training

Free IT Training and Certifications

General Online Learning

University of Minnesota Groups

Tech-People includes the IT informal communities of practice (iCoP) at the University of Minnesota, such as: Web-People, Net- People, Comp-Sec, DevOps, and Code-People. Tech-People meets biannually and includes talks and presentations that will be of interest to all.

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