The WIT Crowd | 03/31/2020

Spring is here, and the weather seems to be acting like it. How novel for us in Minnesota! Here’s hoping we avoid those April and May blizzards!

This month, we are looking for your thoughts about UMN WIT’s mission and our “Powered by Women” logo. We recently received some feedback that the logo may lead individuals to self-select out of joining our group because of the use of the gender symbol for females. 

In response to this, we have shifted language in our mission statement, and we also want to hear from you on whether you would also like to see a change to the “Powered in Women” logo. 

There is a very short survey linked below -- one question with optional long-response. We hope you’ll share your voice!

Mission Statement Change:

University of Minnesota Women in Technology (WIT) has the sole aim of advancing people in technology who identify as women. WIT meets its vision through mentorship, networking, and educational opportunities for people at all levels of their careers who identify as women.

Modifying the logo for inclusiveness -- removing the female symbol

As we all grow accustomed to our new normals in this novel time, we in UMN WIT hope you are finding time for mental health and self-care. Take a moment, and treat yourself! <3


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