The WIT Crowd | 06/09/2020

Without the stem, the ideas that change the world may never blossom.

Here are a few gardening tips for the budding innovator:

  1. Plant the STEM
  2. Water with imagination
  3. Harvest the world-changing ideas

With the sudden shift to remote and online life, it has created many opportunities for people to bridge the gap into technology. We have created a list of resources on our website to help you or someone you know. We hope you are all doing well and let us continue to build within our community advancing women further in technology.

Something to Do

Spend 10, 25, or 45 minutes a day for the month of June learning how to become an active ally in the black community. June Justice:

Someone to Congratulate

If you or a WIT member you know has won an award or has an achievement that you would like to highlight please email [email protected] so we can share your accomplishment(s) in our next newsletter.

Something to Listen To, Read, or Watch

Want to Share?

Google Form -- what is it, why is it valuable to you?

Get Involved!

Want to join UMN WIT? Let us know!

If you’d like to join any of our committees, have questions or ideas regarding how to get involved, contact [email protected]

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